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Wanelos’ design and the format is an inspiration from Pinterest’s “pinning” format to Instagram’s “discovery” section. Although, as I mentioned earlier, Wanelo’s original mission was to encompass the mall-shopping experience onto a mobile app. Clicking on one of the items gives you a quick snapshot of the price, brand name, shipping information, and the reviews section. It is mainly a mobile-driven app, considering the rise of mobile users for online shopping, and does seem to be a little busy. Nonetheless, the IA (Information Architecture) of the app is seamlessly simple and does not take users much time to find out the functionality of the app. Everything is organized by what the users would like to see. As seen below, users can view items to their choose by choosing the following categories below: New arrivals, On sale, Reviews, Women, Men, and Home. Similar to Instagram, wanelo is known for its unique “discovery feed” on their app. Users can click on the magnifying glass and can automatically start swiping right or left on items they would “wish” to keep on their wish list. Therefore, the apps’ UI (User Interface) works quite well overall. There is still room for improvement in terms of the grid style layout that wanelo is utilizing on both their website and the app. The website (shown above) is not as cluttered to the users’ eyes and can easily be organized by what the user is viewing. Following brand name items and local boutique stores are actually quite simple as well. During the profile creation process, wanelo gives you numerous options on what brands are available by displaying clothing items available in that store and gives you the option to follow that store automatically. Based on the shopper’s taste of clothing the app tries to offer brands and clothing options it thinks you might like. Despite the criticism of wanelo’s oddly similar appearance to Pinterest and Instagram’s feed, the format works for them and it is still experimenting new ways for the consumers to interact with the app and stay on it for as long as possible. In 2015, the average user on wanelo was spending at least fifty minutes shopping on the app.  In order to increase or maintain the time spent on the app/site, they will have to consider whether or not the current “features” they have are worth keeping or may need to be changed. Personally, I enjoyed going through their “discovery” section but would have liked the option to swipe on items that were just shoes or clothing.



Audience Analysis

The target audience for Wanelo is mainly young women from their teens to women in their late twenties. Ninety percent of wanelo users are women and the remaining ten percent are men. Most of their target audience resides in the United States and some international markets in Europe and Asia. Since the social media site is more towards fashion and home decor, it is more popular with women. Although, in order to compete they have a separate section for men and are slightly growing their target audience in terms of gender. Wanelo is quite unique since they did not use any traditional methods of advertising and limited social media advertising in the very beginning. Although, it is beginning to decline in terms of usage and would need to start collaborating with their numerous retailers and providing incentives for marketers to display and sell their products through the app.




Wanelo wants to attract young women who feel their sense of style does not just fit into one category but others as well. Wanelo is able to provide that desire of being able to fit into other certain kinds of clothing for women who may want to play around with their current style. The users of the app are able to go through a variety of different store brands and local boutiques that would have been unaware to the users if it was not for this app’s platform. A typical persona of someone that uses wanelo would be a young woman who has stable purchasing power and wants go be able to go through multiple different styles of clothing and different stores and wants to experience something new in her everyday shopping experience. The CEO of the company wanted to be able to encapsulate a typical shopping mall or outlet into a mobile-friendly shopping experience. The firm has been able to utilize their relationships with local boutiques and well-known brands for many different users that could potentially use the app to reach out to their loyal customers. There may be a chance where a store could reinforce their loyalty onto the consumer.