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Periscope’s live streaming service has made its way into the business marketing world with great impact due to its new and trendy approach – one that was fairly unlike any other form of social media marketing in existence at the time of its launch. Periscope’s technology has created advancements in the social media world and opened yet another window into our personal lives, but this time a window into our personal lives right in the moment, or live. Businesses see live streaming as an opportunity to build more personal relationships with their customers by providing them with insight on the nits and grits of the company which results in greater customer satisfaction and trust toward the business that customers put their money toward. Wanelo essentially is an online shopping mall that pulls products from hundreds of thousands of companies ranging from large brands to independent sellers which mean they have several customers to service. Other than being able to be reached and promoting their products through the basic business social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, Wanelo should consider incorporating live streaming as the business deals with the fashion marketing world. Fashion weeks are major events and trends are constantly changing. When selecting products for the company or even trying to understand customer style preferences, Wanelo can use Periscope to reach out to their customers in determining what products to invest in for their company, whether that be through a Q&A directly with customers, or surveying customers on recent trends they are into. If Wanelo draws any of its inspiration from fashion shows, it can use Periscope to live stream the event and accumulate the reactions of their customers to try and further understand their preferences and wants. Producing these results can help strengthen not only the company’s current customer base, but it can earn more customers based on the demand of the products Wanelo is bringing in. The marketing adjustment incorporating live streaming into shopping can help bring Wanelo up more on the fashion marketing radar and produce a greater demand for the service. It will be an advancement much of the industry has yet to see, and perhaps if successful, bigger brands will adapt this method as well.

– Naziba Haque

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